Shooter Arena

A competitive two player rapid shooter game where speed and accuracy are key! Play as Shooter or Defender and battle it out in an amazing arena!

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Ludix is a compilation of minigames being developed by Feranmi Oladosu and I. It plays the wonderful adventures of Ludix, a magical girl with elemental powers. For this game, I designed and modelled the characters and worked closely with Feranmi on the gameplay development.

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Gameplay video
levrn-concepts: Time Relativity

leVRn-Concepts: Time Relativity is one of the leVRn-Concepts experiences which is centred around clarifying the wonders of time relativity. It is a VR experience that puts phenomena like velocity-time dilation into perspective. It was built in 48 hours for a Hackathon by a small team of 3, where I was the sole developer.

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Gameplay video

ARnagrams was a quick AR hack(project) built as a fast way to showcase my skills in AR development. It is simply an anagram game in AR where the user tries to rearrange a series of letters to form a word.

Gameplay video
Dano Tennis

Dano Tennis is a WebGL game built by me for Alpha and Jam to promote Dano milk and hosted on Facebook. It is a 2D table tennis game. It was integrated closely with Facebook API and is a fun game where the user does some charity of giving milk to the needy any time he wins.

Play online: Facebook

Water bubble

Water Bubble is a 2D arcade game that takes the fun memories of a childhood game and brings it to life with colourful graphics on your mobile device. It was built entirely by me, with the UI design done by Ire Aderinokun

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Gameplay video
Soccer Battle

Soccer Battle is a game by DoubleTap Software. It is a real-time multiplayer soccer game played by over a million people around the world. I worked with them to implement several gameplay, networking and social features.

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VR Baseball training

The VR Baseball Simulator is, as the name implies, a VR simulator for baseball. It’s an experience where a player can practice their baseball hitting skills and record their highscores. It was built under 2 weeks for the HTC Vive and other roomscale VR headsets.

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Gameplay video

graphQL-client-unity is, as the name implies, a graphQl client for the Unity game engine. Its major aim is to simplify the creation of graphQl queries and make graphQl features like subscriptions as straightforward as possible.

Github: https://github.com/Gazuntype/graphQL-client-unity


leVRn itself was an educational game created by a small team of 4 for the first VR Hackathon in Africa. It won. It uses montessori style of teach to teach programming. leVRn makes use of the Leap Motion Controller and a Gear VR, a combo previously impossible until I wrote an open source tool to interface them. I was also the lead developer for the entire experience.

Gameplay video
Mosquito vr

MosquitoVR is an Oculus Rift experience where the user kills mosquitoes with a bathroom slipper in a Nigerian themed home. In Nigeria, malaria is a rampant illness and this game-styled experience creates awareness about it.

Gameplay video
Munch it mania vr

MunchIt Mania is a game built for Redtown Digital to promote the MunchIt product. It stars a kid riding a bike and picking up different MunchIt snacks on the road.

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